Watch Namie Amuro’s new MV for “Just You and I” (short ver.)

The short ver. MV for Namie Amuro‘s latest single “Just You and I” has been uploaded to Youtube. Currently serving as the theme song for the NTV drama “Haha ni Naru”, it’s the singers 45th single overall.

In the calming video Namie is in room surrounded by light blue, pink and purple lights. She’s accompanied by a group of women playing the violin. Near the end of the MV she approaches a hanging lamp that automatically lights up when she puts her hand under it. Very exciting!

“Just You and I” will be released on May 31st, 2017. Watch the MV below the jump.


New Single from Suzuki Konomi

Anison singer Suzuki Konomi will release a new single on May 24th.

Blow out‘s title track currently serves as the opening theme for the anime series “Roku de nashi majutsu koshi to Akashic Records”. It will be available in two editions, both of which also include the B-side Join us.

On July 1st, Suzuki will perform in Los Angeles at Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo 2017. Then, between August 4th and 6th, she will appear at AnimagiC2017 in Mannheim, Germany.

An excerpt of Blow out‘s music video can be viewed below:


Zwei Cover Album For Album “Ley Line”

The album will be able to be preordered on June 18 and be released on June 21.


  1. Find The Love
  2. Red Zone 
  3. AKASI 
  4. 真っ向
  6. ライア 
  7. Fallen Angels Night 
  9. Eternity 


Actress Kaho Mizutani Announces Debut Single “Aoi Namida”

19-year-old actress Kaho Mizutani has announced that she will be releasing her debut single “Aoi Namida” on July 5.

Mizutani is signed with KEN-ON where she worked as an actress. As a musician, she joins artists such as Leo Ieiri and SPYAIR.

“Aoi Namida” will be used as the theme song to the upcoming short film “Ashita, Arize no Hamabe de“. The music video for the song was shot by drone in New Caledonia, a French island territory located in the South Pacific.

A Complete Production Limited Edition version of the single will be available upon release. It will contain the single CD, as well as a Blu-ray containing the single’s music video and making-of, and the film “Ashita, Arize no Hamabe de” and its making-of.

2 other versions of the single will be released: a CD-Only Regular Edition version, a Limited Edition version which comes with a photo book of the singer at New Caledonia.

Check out the track list for “Aoi Namida” below:

1. Aoi Namida
2. Koi no Recipe
3. Aoi Namida (Acoustic Ver.)
4. Aoi Namida (Instrumental)
5. Koi no Recipe (Instrumental)


Erina Mano gets married in May J’s MV for “Haha to Musume no 10,000 Nichi – Mirai no Tobira”

Actress and former idol Erina Mano is the main star of May J‘s latest MV “Haha to Musume no 10,000 Nichi – Mirai no Tobira”.

The heartwarming song is a duet between May J and the prominent Enka singer Aki Yashiro. Angela Aki wrote, composed, and produced the song. The song showcases the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter, while the “10,000” in the name represents the amount of days between the daughters birth and the day before her wedding. The MV starts with the daughter, played by Erina, looking at old childhood photos. This prompts herself and her mother to reminiscence on all the good times they shared together growing up.

Haha to Musume no 10,000 Nichi – Mirai no Tobira
is May J’s 10th single overall and will be released on May 24th, 2017. Watch the full MV below.


Ayumi Hamasaki’s Hearing Loss Worsening; Right Ear Weakens after Years of Compensating for Fully Deaf Left Ear

Since the mid-2000s, a huge topic among fans of J-Pop Empress Ayumi Hamasaki has been about the gradually worsening condition of her hearing. From feelings of sorrow, to worry, to being the butt of a joke from haters; as a singer, it has no doubt affected her vocal technique.

Today, the Ayu took to her Team Ayu blog to talk about her current health condition and revealed that her right ear is beginning to weaken after years of compensating for her fully deaf left ear.

After talking about her knee injury recovery, Hamasaki writes:

Just before this year’s tour began I received a second blow – my hearing started to deteriorate further. My semicircular canals had blown, and I was experiencing crippling dizziness. I wasn’t able to walk in a straight line, and was often reduced to vomiting in the restroom at the rehearsal studio. I tried to put a brace face on things, but was told after various hearing tests that my right ear (which had been working overtime to compensate for my deaf left ear) was weakening fast. I don’t have a clear memory of my journey home after that. I just remember wondering how I, as a singer, would cope with two useless ears. Other than that, I was in darkness.

None of this is surprising considering how her left ear got in such awful condition.

During her concert tour 2000 Act 1, Ayu caught a cold accompanied by an ear infection. She was warned by her doctor that she needed to ease up her exposure to loud noises so her ear infection could heal. However, she only spent a few days in the hospital to recover to get back to touring and surrounding herself with loud noises. Being the hard-working and motivated business woman she is, at the top of her game and fame and devoted to her art and the coins, she did not cancel or postpone any tour dates until Act 2.

During performance rehearsals for her DOME TOUR 2001, it was believed that Ayu began suffering tinnitus, a ringing in the ear that is caused by constant exposure to sound.

Despite the numerous warnings for years that she should avoid loud noises and ease up on her immense touring schedule, Ayu continued at full speed. For years to come, she continued her schedule of at least one tour per year, a New Year’s countdown concert event and appearances at a-nation each year.

In 2007, just before the Countdown Live concert celebrating the start of the new year and her 10th anniversary as a singer, Ayu’s ear began bothering her again. She insisted her new ear monitor was bothering her, but expressed privately that she was concerned about the health of her ear.

In late 2008, the condition was deemed irreversible by her doctor. Ayu went to a doctor and was given the unfortunate news that her ear had gone completely deaf, and there was no treatment. She posted on her TeamAyu blog a few days later to notify her fans, promising to continue being a singer regardless and vowed to go ahead with an upcoming tour of Asia.

Nevertheless, I would like to continue as a singer. That’s why I would like to continue singing until I reach the limit with my remaining right ear,” she wrote at the time on her members-only fan site. “I won’t stop. I won’t make excuses. As a professional, I would like to deliver the best performance for everyone.

Feeling lost with the possibility of not being able to do what she loves, a message of encouragement from a friend reminded her who she was. In today’s post, Hamasaki admitted that she should “probably stop performing,” but that isn’t something she is prepared to consider:

The stage is where I belong. It’s the only place I really, truly exist. I don’t know anything else. There’s no point in worrying about what lies ahead. I will keep listening, even if I can’t hear. I will keep moving, evening if I can’t move. I’m not looking for sympathy or pity. I will hold my head high and keep going forward until my last breath.

The reality of the situation brings on mixed feelings: Ayumi Hamasaki’s outlook and dedication to what she loves doing is both commendable and inspirational, but at the same time, her determination to actively work against her health is entirely distressing.

Selling over 50 million records throughout her career, making her best-selling Japanese solo artist of all time, she has definitely changed the landscape of the music scene in Japan but it’s incredibly disheartening to think about her career’s impending expiration date.

(via @Megawarrior345’s Twitlonger/truehappiness’s @ AHS translation of Team Ayu’s Post, BBC news)


Oku Hanako – 遥か遠くに見えていた今日 (Album)

Hanako Oku brings the ninth album, including an intro theme for the TV anime series, “Seiren.

Release Date: 2017.05.17


1 Rainy day
2 恋のはじまり
3 愛という宝物
4 プロポーズ
5 彼女
6 365日の花束
7 キミの花
8 ほのぼの行こう
9 思い出になれ
10 最後のキス
11 Mail
12 アイスクリーム
13 スタンプラリー
14 遥か遠くに

3½ stars

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miwa – Shiny (シャイニー) (Single)

“Shiny” is the 22nd major single (24th overall) released by miwa. The single was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. The song “Zettai Ano Basho ni” was used as the CM song for Shinkenzemi Koukou Kouza.

Released Date: 2017.05.24


1.Shiny (シャイニー)
2.Zettai Ano Basho ni (絶対あの場所に)
3.Yui (Sound Inn “S” ver.) (結 -ゆい-)
4.Shiny (Instrumental)

3½ stars

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Yoshioka Aika – 虹をつないで (Album)

虹をつないで is the seventh album release of Aika Yoshioka.

M-01 – PSVita Game “Hakuoki Shinkai Kaze no Shou” Opening Theme
M-02 – PSVita Game “Hakuoki Shinkai Kaze no Shou” Ending Theme
M-03 – Browser Game “Hakuoki Shido Engi” Ending Theme
M-06 – Otomate Records “Wakidenai” Theme Song
M-07 – Drama CD Wakidenai “Miko no Monogatari” Theme Song
M-08 – PSVita Game “Hakuouki Yuugiroku Taishitachi no Daienkai” Opening Theme
M-09 – PSVita Game “Hakuouki Yuugiroku Taishitachi no Daienkai” Insert Song
M-10 – PSVita Game “Hakuouki Yuugiroku Taishitachi no Daienkai” Ending Theme
M-11 – PSVita Game “Hakuoki Shinkai: Hana no Shou” Opening Theme
M-12 – PSVita Game “Hakuoki Shinkai: Hana no Shou” Ending Theme

Release Date: 2017.02.15


01 瑠璃ノ空へ
02 常盤火
03 静かなる奔流
04 旅立ちの時~未来へと~
06 薫り語り
07 薄氷祈り
08 アコガレ玉手箱
09 逆転のウヱーブ
10 くす玉ハート
11 嵐の中で咲く華
12 命ノ相聞歌

4 stars

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Kubo Yurika – Subete ga Taisetsu na Deai ~Meeting with you creates myself~ (すべてが大切な出会い) (Album)

Subete ga Taisetsu na Deai ~Meeting with you creates myself~ is the first studio album released by Kubo Yurika. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+Blu-ray edition and a regular CD edition.

Released Date: 2017.05.10


1.Lovely Lovely Strawberry
2.Juuuuump Uppppp!!!! (ジャーーーーンプ アッッッップ!!!!)
3.Super Colorful (スーパーカラフル)
4.Kioku Korokoro (記憶コロコロ)
5.Ai no Katamari (愛のかたまり)
6.You Lyrical
8.Capture You!
9.Happy Cuty My Snow Man
10.Everyday Itsuu (Everyday胃痛)
11.Harukaze Melody (春風メロディ)
12.Sekai no Suki ga Yume ni Naru (セカイのスキがユメになる)
13.Arigatou no Jikan (ありがとうの時間; Time of Thanks)
14.Sono Mama de Iin da yo (そのままでいいんだよ)

3 stars

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