Miriam Bryant – Bye Bye Blue (EP)

After the singles “Black Car”, “Everything”, “Rocket” and “Words”, Miriam Bryant now collects her latest singles on the “Bye Bye Blue” EP, released last Friday. There we also find the new songs “Sad Songs” and “Teddybear”, a live version from Circus on “Since You Left” and a Swedish version of “Black Car”.

In 2016, Miriam dominated the top lists and was featured on the list of Sweden’s most streamlined artists. She toured Sweden around, won This Year’s Song for the summer’s big single “Black Car” on P3 Gold and was nominated for Best Live Act on the same gala as well as a Grammis.

On July 4th, we see Miriam Bryant performing “Rocket” in Allsång on Skansen.

On August 2, we will hear Miriam Bryant summer talk in Summer in P1.


1. Sad Songs
2. Black Car
3. Words
4. Everything
5. Teddybear
6. Rocket
7. Since You Left (Live on Circus)
8. Svart Bil

4 stars

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Miriam Bryant “Black Car” (Single Premiere)


Swedish-Finnish-British singer and songwriter Miriam Bryant, slayed the international market back in 2014 with her collaboration with Zedd and Matthew Koma on “Find You”.

Since then and after the international impact achieved with “Push Play”, the singer has been reaping success in her country with the promotion of her recent EP “Hisingen och hem igen“.

Now, she’s back with a new English single called “Black Car“, a soulful pop piece reminiscent of her beginning before the international impact. The singer was released on digital retailers and streaming services on June 17th.


Miriam Bryant – ‘Hisingen Och Hem Igen’


The latest series of Så Mycket Bättre wrapped up in Sweden at the end of last year. And as with every year there was a breakout star who scored ALL the hits. This year it was the turn of Miriam Bryant, whomwe’ve featured on here quite a few times before. Her cover versions of the other artists songs went on to become radio staples – from P3 to Rix to currently holding the numbers 1 and 2 positions on the Svensktoppen chart. And this has translated into mammoth Spotify streams too, with the two most popular (‘Ett Sista Glas’ and ‘One Last Time’) clocking 15 and 11 million streams respectively.

Yesterday she started off 2016 by releasing a new EP, made up of the six songs she recorded for the show. ‘Hisingen Och Hem Igen’ is therefore the first great EP of 2016! A brilliant collection of disparate songs, all reproduced to showcase the style and artistry of a singer who probably wasn’t familiar to most Swedes before November. But the nation is hammering her music now!